water, gas,
or electricity waste

with a click of a switch


A commercial AutoHot® works in multifamily, high-rise and commercial buildings. The commercial system works to decrease hydro usage needed to run the circulation pump, as well  as lowering  overall gas usage by up to 25%. AutoHot® reduces pinhole leak occurance by dramatically decreasing pump runtime.


A residential AutoHot® can be installed in new homes, or retrofit into existing homes. The system works to bring you hot water when you want it, without running any water to get it; saving you on your monthly water bill. Promote environmental sustainability in your area by decreasing unneeded water waste. 

Who We Are

At EnviroQwest Inc., our main goal is to eliminate the waste of precious water, and reduce the use of energy and natural gas use in Canada.  


EnviroQwest Inc., recognizes the value that fresh water provides to the world, and strives to conserve, protect and promote awareness that water is a natural resource that needs to be protected.


We also recognize that each Canadian has a part to play in our ecological footprint, including how we create and use our resources of energy and natural gas.  


This is the reason we chose to supply AutoHot®. 


It was recommended to us that we put AutoHot® in our new home as we also had a tankless water heater installed.  We agreed with that recommendation and it was the best decision we ever made.  Tankless water heaters save on natural gas, but you have to run water for a little while before getting hot water.  In order to both save on natural gas costs AND water costs, we had AutoHot® installed.  AutoHot® works to bring hot water to where we need it almost instantaneously.  All we have to do is push a button before we turn on the taps.  Very shortly thereafter, we turn on the tap and hot water comes right away.  My wife and I are very grateful to both Scott and Qwest Homes for recommending we have this installed! 

-- Colin and Robyn Whitehead, Lucan, ON.

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