Carl BAnninga


Hi, I’m Carl. I am one of the owners of Enviroqwest Inc. I am a licensed carpenter that has been framing and building homes for 20+ years. I also am a home builder with Qwest Homes Inc., where I focus on working towards building efficient and net zero homes in the London area. I’m often found reading or passionately cheering for the Leafs. 

The environment is important to me. I want to create an environment that is sustainable for future generations. This is seen through how I build my homes, company processes and the products we are distributing.


When Scott and I first found the AutoHot®, we both thought this is a great product to help create a sustainable environment in Canada, especially with water resources. I believe that there is a great window of opportunity for Canada to save the abundance of fresh water that we have, and to not waste it thoughtlessly.


I look forward to sharing the AutoHot® with Canadians; having water conservation awareness grow in Canada, to have water not taken for granted, and to eventually eliminate unnecessary water waste.

Carl Banninga, COO  ||   519-630-6282 ext. 6