Adding Intelligence To Your Asset

Adding a commercial AutoHot® adds smart parameters that dramatically shifts any commercial or multi-unit residential building to a more efficient operation. Adding an AutoHot® to a 24/7 water recirculation system decreases pump run time from 24 hours to 1-3 hours a day, hydro (kwH) and natural gas costs plummet.

A commercial AutoHot® only runs when the recirculation water drops below a desired temperature or when demand (for even one tap) arises.

Commercial AutoHot® 


Uncomprimised Quality

Not only are the landlords, owners or developers thrilled with lower operating costs and increased property value, but residents' satisfaction and needs are met.


With AutoHot®'s smart parameters, it has the ability to continuously supply hot water without any significant run time. Residents' needs are met with quality and efficiency, using a commercial AutoHot®.


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