Madison Brown

Marketing and Support

My name is Madison, and I am currently working on my Honours Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. I love to snorkel, take photos, be active in numerous activities, and hang out with friends. 


I am very conscientious on the protecting the environment. Whether I am at work, school or at home I constantly strive to always do my best to sort my waste into the recycling or compost. I always try my best to avoid any extra made waste by using reusable mugs, cups, cloths. I also try to reduce any extra run time for taps where ever I go.


When I first came to hear of the AutoHot®, it sounded like a great idea. I really have hope for the AutoHot®, and what it can do. The idea of eliminating water waste that doesn’t need to exist is amazing; plus it rewards you with hot water with out the wait. As I learn more about water waste, groundwater, lakes and sustainability, it really excites me to see the future for the AutoHot® in Canada, and how we can lessen Canada’s environmental impact on our precious natural resource. 


I recommend the AutoHot because of it’s environmental impact. Yes, it might only save your household 10,000L a year (in comparison to what you use all together), but as a whole country with over 13 million households, it has QUITE an impact. Plus, I love not having to wait in the morning for a few minutes for the shower water to get warm. 

Madison Brown, Marketing and Support  ||   519-630-6282 ext. 3