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AutoHot® offers an unbeatable system, unique to itself. Quality and design are uncompromised by it's creators in Monterey Park, California. Both residential and commercial systems work towards a more sustainable future, as they both lessen the impact of water, natural gas and energy (kWh) consumption.

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The future with AutoHot®. Technologically advanced, AutoHot® is ahead of the curve.


Inspired by the need for water conservation in California, residential AutoHot® offers water savings through the method of luxury on-demand hot water.


The commercial AutoHot offers an ingenious solution to commercial and multifamily building owners: offsetting effects of radiant water heat loss in the pipes, minimizing damage and repair costs while lowering utility and energy charges with state-of-the-art smart parameters.


The residential AutoHot® provides homes with instant hot water, using an on-demand hot water recirculation pump that eliminates any waste normally created waiting for hot water. These can be installed into new homes, or retro-fitted into existing homes.

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The commercial AutoHot® saves natural gas and hydro for multifamily and commercial homes; a smart system that recognizes demand for hot water. This smart system allows the pump to run for a total of 2-3 hours a day, compared to a regular 24/7 pump; the non-continuous pumping of the commercial pump protects the pipes and overall wear and tear. Commercially, AutoHot® minimizes operating costs and increases property value, increasing overall profit.