On-Demand Luxury

A residential AutoHot® offers you more than just hot water. It gives you the luxury of hot water, when you want it. With multiple methods to trigger your AutoHot®, waiting for hot water while it wastefully pours down your drain is a thing of the past.

Residential Autohot® 


Environmental Sustainability

Inspired to conserve water in a frequent drought riddled land, California, AutoHot® not only sweeps across the United States, but now Canada. 

Now is the time Canada, to make a step in the right direction for your country, your world. With an AutoHot®, you eliminate unneeded waste of water; conserve the water in your wells, lakes, rivers and ground.

Answer the call to environmental stewardship, by making a conscious effort to save water with an AutoHot®. 


Residential Brochure


Uniquely Made

You might be wondering...What makes the AutoHot a uniquely designed system?
The control system for the AutoHot® is completely separate from the pump itself.
Incredibly convienient, AutoHot® offers multiple inputs for activation, with wireless buttons, motion sensors and hardwired buttons. Smart phone activation coming soon.
You can make a pump smart, if it already is on a timer or runs excessively. 
AutoHot® gives you on-demand hot water when it senses your need, it does not learn your life cycle; this guarantees hot water when you need it.