Scott Brown


Hi, I’m Scott. I am the owner of the distribution company, EnviroQwest Inc. I been involved in residential renovations and new home construction over the last 20 years. With Qwest Homes Inc. in new home construction, my focus has been around energy efficiency to create high performance homes. Our company at Qwest Homes Inc. works hard to create the most environmentally friendly home possible. From the design, the materials, and the building process.

Founding EnviroQwest Inc., with Carl, because it was important to us to provide our world with products that are working towards creating a better planet, and that is why we have chosen the AutoHot as our first product. When Carl and I first discovered the AutoHot®, we were incredibly excited about the environmental potential and large impact on our water systems AutoHot® has for Canada. I really believe and become excited when I think about what the AutoHot does, because in a large scale setting like Canada, think about the savings and waste elimination for water, gas, and energy.


My personal experience with the residential AutoHot® is great, in the morning before I get out of bed, I press the wireless button beside me, and by the time I get to the shower, I have warm water without running any down the drain. I look forward to the great potential of the AutoHot®, Canada-wide. I cannot wait to see when many cities come together to eliminate unnecessary water use, and save on draining water wells, lakes, and other groundwater. As AutoHot® is so popular in the US, I have great hopes that fellow Canadians will love it too.

Scott Brown, CEO  ||   519-630-6282 ext. 5